The Terrorism Act 2000

Just because a thing is legal, does not make it right. There are many laws which are not right in the sense that they are not just. If a law is not just then applying it is an act of injustice, sanctioned by the state. Continue reading

We shall force the future generations to make sacrifices for us…

As the United Kingdom and EDF are working out the final terms of the long term contract that EDF requires before it builds a nuclear power plant in Hinckley Point in Somerset, Tokyo Electric Power Company announced that the electricity supply to the cooling system at the damaged Fukushima power plant had failed for four spent reactor ponds at three reactors. Apparently a rat had bitten through the electrical supply shutting down some of the cooling systems. Continue reading

Is the tide turning?

In the United Kingdom house prices fell last year by half of one percent but general inflation is falling. Goldman Sachs managed to lose money on its Asian operations. The US dollar is slightly weaker against many currencies. Oil is getting more expensive and there are fears that natural gas will also get more expensive. Gold rallied and then declined a little. Greece, it seems, has been saved although there is a strong possibility that the medicine being administered will harm the patient rather than cure the disease. What are we to make of these economic signals? Continue reading