Record Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Energy in 2010

The big news of the month of May came at its very end. The International Energy Agency estimates that carbon dioxide emissions due to energy – heat and electricity – rose to a record level in 2010. In 2009 emissions from these sources fell, due to the financial crisis, but since the recovery emissions are on the rise and were 5% higher than the previous record year in 2008. These are records of shame, recording the first steps of our descent into self destruction. Continue reading

Climate change scientists are too polite

We have been told that the climate changes that we will experience will include more intense heat waves in the future, with greater regional variations and uncertainties than we have at present. The prospect of extended heat waves, floods and cold spells has always been used to try to persuade people of the dangers of climate change, but these feared events are unproven. Are scientists being alarmist when they raise these prospects or not? Continue reading

We will face a bad encounter with the two degrees of climate change

In 2007 despite all the talking, targets and emission trading schemes, the emissions of industrialised countries rose by 1%. This may not sound much but those emissions, particularly carbon dioxide, will be around for a very long time. The fact that 2008 might see is small drop in emissions does not bring us any hope. It is simply that we have turned the tap down a very small amount, but the atmosphere continues to fill with long lasting greenhouse gases. Continue reading