Just because you cannot see it, does not mean that it is not there

For the last few days my eyes have been sore as a result of the mixture of Saharan dust and particulate pollution that has been affecting London and much of the United Kingdom. It is not pleasant but the weather forecasters promise relief soon and those with sore eyes as well as those with heart disease and lung disease will be able to spend time outside in the fine weather, instead of being cooped indoors. Continue reading

Electric cars – part of the solution

In China there are plans to launch a new electric car which can hold five passengers and travel 250 miles on a single charge. It also might be fully charged in an hour. If the claims are justified the E6 will transform the automotive market and the technology I am sure will be adopted by all the major car manufacturers. For the environment this is good news, as the electric car will not produce dust, soot and particular emissions. Continue reading

Is Chile the barometer of the planet?

Chile is a prosperous, sophisticated country, abundant in many natural resources. It produces half of the world’s copper, high quality fruit and in its Central Zone, where most people live, Chile enjoys a moderate and comfortable climate which enables Chileans to grow some of the finest wines in the world and export some of the world’s best fruits. It has almost every natural resource and the resources that it does not have, it can trade with the rest of the world that needs Chile’s copper. Continue reading