Meeting Mr Trump

Running a country is harder than running a company, especially where the country concerned has a system of checks and balances to prevent the person who actually runs the country from acting in ways that are unconstitutional or illegal. Also there are differences in objectives between the two tasks. He or she who runs a company does so in order to profit and benefit a defined group of people, who are shareholders in the company. The person who runs a country should do so in order to benefit all citizens of that country and where there are conflicts between several groups of citizens’ interest the person in charge must balance and distinguish and act so as to ensure fair treatment of all.

I think that these differences between running Trump Enterprises and running the United States of America have now become apparent to Mr Trump. Continue reading

Terrorists Who Became Statesmen

There have been a number of protests and adverse comments because the Queen of the United Kingdom (a person who has many other titles and honours) to whom allegiance is required by some sixty million of her “subjects” in in this nation has invited Mr McGuiness, a well known Irish person who has been accused of terrorism to dine with her and many others at Windsor Castle. Continue reading

The Queen should be taxed like the rest of us, otherwise we are not all in this together.

The budget announcement contained many things of interest to elderly immensely wealthy pensioners. Their age allowances were lowered, higher rate tax was lowered by 10% from 50% to 45%, there was talk of an embryonic mansion tax for properties over £2 million, tax loopholes for people living in mansions that were sheltered from capital gains tax were closed, because in the present economic crisis, we are all in this together. But one immensely rich elderly person is not in this with us all – the Queen. Continue reading