Premium Phone Line Scams

Once upon a time we knew what fraud is. A scam, a con or a bit of skulduggery were easily recognised (after the event of course) and people tended to try and punish the perpetrators. Slippery Syd, a chap about whom I wrote a book, “the Master Con Man” used to spend huge amounts of time thinking up a scam, and putting it into practice, and then after having pulled off his “coup”  he usually ran away with his ill gotten gains, whether anyone was after him or not. Continue reading

Payment Protection Policies – worthy of Slippery Syd the Master Con Man?

There is no such thing as a free lunch or even a free cup of coffee. It is worth bearing that in mind when dealing with banks. A few years ago if you applied to a bank for a loan the bank would work very hard to sell you, either by persuasion or the treat of no loan being made, to buy an insurance policy providing protection against the eventuality of you losing your job and being unable to make the payments as a result. Superficially it sounds like a splendid idea but few if anyone read the small print of such policies which were worthless to the self employed and hedged by so many onerous conditions that making a successful claim would be almost impossible. Continue reading