Perceiving the Doors

In the sixties songs developed a profundity which was quite unlike anything known in modern popular music. The words were in some case not only graphic but also poetic. Bob Dylan was an earlier example, choosing part of his stage name from Dylan Thomas, and occasionally there was good poetry in rock songs.  Continue reading

The Earth, Our Mother, Our Sister

I have been fortunate to see many parts of the earth. I enjoy the manicured countryside of Britain, where thousands of years of humanity’s occupation has created a landscape quiet unlike that which these islands originally had. I have better enjoyed the landscapes of places where humanity has not been able, as of yet, to change. Those wild places are not easy to inhabit and not profitable in material terms, so humanity has changed them, sometimes devastated them and frequently spoiled them. Continue reading

The Doors Die

Today the BBC Radio 4 news announced the death of Ray Manzarek, the keyboard player of the Doors. When his more famous group member died in Paris in 1971 I cannot remember any BBC news programme mentioning the fact, but times change and art changes with them. Continue reading

Thoughts for a bank holiday

I always feel sadness when the August Bank holiday comes round. The summer is passing and the holiday marks its passing. The evenings are slowly but surely drawing in and the fruits and grains that were made in spring and grown in summer are almost ripe. Most mornings are misty, but the mist often banished as the sun comes up. The evenings are damp and there is dew on the grass. It is a sad time but we had a good summer even if the sun did not shine every day, summer was light on our bodies, opening our doors. Summer is almost gone, and the winter is coming on.