Where the Money to Pay The Living Wage Will come from

Everyone seems to think that a minimum wage is a good thing. Even Switzerland recently considered (but rejected) a minimum wage that would have been more than twice the amount of that of the United Kingdom’s minimum wage. Continue reading

How Much Tax Should Citizens Pay?

How much tax should citizens have to pay? Tax is raised to protect, safeguard and provide citizens with essential services. If you are luck or unlucky enough (depending on your view point) to be in work then you will work a certain proportion of your time to pat tax. This is nothing new; in times that have gone peasants used to have to work the fields of their protector for so many days, in return for the protection. Some were forced to pay tithes – one tenth of what they earned – to the government or church that afforded them protection. Continue reading

Revenue Share: a Government Scam

If you had servants (almost no one has servants these days, of course,) and you wanted to call your servant to undertake some task for you, you would not expect to pay for calling your servant, because you already pay his or her wages. If your servants instituted a charge which you had to pay for calling them, you would consider this wrong and unacceptable. But this is what our servants, the government in all its agencies and branches and guises is doing right now. Continue reading

A Simple Guide to the Present State of the World Economy

The thrills and spills of the Olympic Games circus have rather distracted attention from the thrills and spills of the economy. Something bad is happening out there with currencies and the world economic outlook is in decline, but no one really notices as we praise competitors who win and commiserate with those who lose. What is happening in the economy of the world right now? The problem of the economy is created by other specific problems. Continue reading

Taxes, Tithes and Welfare

I do find the whole business of tax very taxing. Every year most of us who work in the United Kingdom usually work from the 1st January to the 29th May to pay their tax, and the remaining seven months and two days of the year they work for themselves. In the USA the equivalent date is 17th April, but to get a fair comparison you might have to add the net costs of health insurance for US taxpayers. A tax freedom day that falls nearly halfway through the year might suggest that tax at such a burden is more akin to forced labour, than taxation. Continue reading

Taxation and the Alleviation of Relative Poverty

I do find the whole business of tax very…er…taxing. Everyone pays taxes in one form or another. There are taxes charged on income, gains, inheritance, transactions, and even the exercise of a fundamental human right will usually involve those that seek to exercise a right, say, to be free, with paying some form of tax as a condition of enforcing that right. Continue reading

The Queen should be taxed like the rest of us, otherwise we are not all in this together.

The budget announcement contained many things of interest to elderly immensely wealthy pensioners. Their age allowances were lowered, higher rate tax was lowered by 10% from 50% to 45%, there was talk of an embryonic mansion tax for properties over £2 million, tax loopholes for people living in mansions that were sheltered from capital gains tax were closed, because in the present economic crisis, we are all in this together. But one immensely rich elderly person is not in this with us all – the Queen. Continue reading