Sustainable Development and Governments

The Sustainable Development Commission is abolished. Its role was to act as a watchdog and bark when the Government did not implement its sustainable development strategy within its own departments. It was supposed to ensure that the government did embed the principles of sustainable development within government decision making. I can understand why it has been abolished. Continue reading

The Sustainable Development Commission comes to an end; will anyone notice?

You might not have heard of the Sustainable Development Commission and if you have not heard of them you should know that they will not be around for much longer. The SDC is being abolished because the UK Government is cutting off the £3 million a year that the Commission uses out of taxpayers’ money. Three million pounds is quite a lot of money in anyone’s currency. The SDC’s total budget was £4.5 million and the remaining £1.5 million was paid by the developed administrations so I assume that the savings will be the whole £4.5 million. What vital role did the SDC play in our lives? Continue reading

Do what the Government says, not what it does

Nothing infuriates most of us more than the hypocrisy of being told to behave in one way by someone in authority who does not leas by example. Prince Charles thinks it perfectly appropriate to inject tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in order to tell people in far off lands not to inject a tenth of the greenhouse gas in a year that the Prince has managed to provide for our atmosphere in ten days. Continue reading