Odd Things – Words I do not understand – Diversity

Technically diversity is simply a state of being different. Such a state exists in all human beings; our DNA is unique for everyone (virtually) so when I was required to fill up a questionnaire about diversity (it was a mandatory requirement) I found it hard to understand what diversity meant. I asked the inquiring authority, the Solicitors Regulation Authority, Continue reading

Economic growth is a misguided policy

Some ideas seem so right and obvious that we are urged not to waste time in examining them. But a little learning is a dangerous thing-a very dangerous intoxicating drink. It has always been so and today, with a small closely interlocking world where a flu virus that infects very few and kills even fewer thousands of miles away can have an effect over billions of people over the whole world.

Economic policy of Governments is crucially important to all of us but we have a poor grasp of economics – in fact we probably live in the stone age of economics. I have no doubt that many years from now our descendants will regard present economic theory, as practised by governments across the world, with the same eyes as we today view the old discredited Ptolemaic theory that the earth was the centre of the universe.

When Copernicus proved (he did not just speculate) that the earth was simply a planet that revolved around the sun and that as it revolved around the sun the earth revolved on its axis, it was an idea that was completely contrary to the accepted wisdom of thousands of years. Continue reading

Climate change slogans – high on form and short on substance

The bad news continues to pour out of the Climate Change conference in Copenhagen, as sewage pours out of a burst pipe, unwelcome, hard to ignore and depressingly real. The great and the good of climate change have yet to find a form of words that inspires the world into action. The catch phrases revolve around like advertising slogans, high on form but lacking in substance; no one has yet been able to encapsulate the dangers and the task ahead in a convenient phrase. Continue reading

Sustainability and the attempts to compromise on climate change

The present buzzword is “sustainable” although that word is often being used without it being properly defined. Most regard the word when describing a thing as meaning capable of being used in a way that will not restrict its use for future generations, and will not deplete it as a resource. There is also a broader and more accurate definition of “sustainable”. It encompasses a meaning which properly involves not just ensuring that the thing itself is “sustainable” but that using it does not deplete the world of some other important resource.  Other definitions refer to sustainability as the ability of something to keep operating, indefinitely, without adverse or negative effect. Continue reading

Biomass in Lambeth – It ain’t necessarily green

I was at a short meeting organised by a leading firm of estate agents last week. I discussed the issue of renewables with some of the professionals concerned in developing new blocks of flats throughout the south east of England. I asked them what their developer clients were doing about renewables. Continue reading

Nuclear energy, microgeneration and planning permission

On Tuesday the government published a new planning bill, which sets time tables and speeds up the planning process for large infrastructure projects such as power stations, airports, pipelines and fuel storage depots.

On Wednesday Gordon Brown indicated that a decision on nuclear power would be made in January, and at the same time he announced that the government would not “retreat” from this decision. Obviously once his mind is made up nothing will change it. Continue reading