Summer’s lease is a short one but that is simply a reason to enjoy the premises it demises every day of summer. It is hard to imagine my London in winter today, difficult to think of winds blowing cold and rain in my face when the sun shines and the skies are blue with very few clouds. Continue reading


Is Spring really late this year, or is it that I am impatient for the buds to turn into leaves and flowers, and the earth to warm and the skies to smell sweetly? Continue reading

Bitter Times Ahead

The equinox has passed, summer is well and truly ended in London and although we might enjoy some cool sunshine, the days are drawing in and we must prepare for winter. In London most are poorer than they have been for many years and most of the children will enjoy a less safe and less prosperous life than their parents lived. Continue reading

Thoughts for a bank holiday

I always feel sadness when the August Bank holiday comes round. The summer is passing and the holiday marks its passing. The evenings are slowly but surely drawing in and the fruits and grains that were made in spring and grown in summer are almost ripe. Most mornings are misty, but the mist often banished as the sun comes up. The evenings are damp and there is dew on the grass. It is a sad time but we had a good summer even if the sun did not shine every day, summer was light on our bodies, opening our doors. Summer is almost gone, and the winter is coming on.

Summer has almost gone

It is late August and this is usually a quiet time for people in Europe. This is the season for holidays, including public holidays. Most politicians are on holiday and those left behind to mind the shop are enjoying a quiet life. The newspapers seem weary and even the radio and television journalists have lost their bite.

Most years late summer is a time for regrouping, unwinding and preparing for the times to come. Some years – 1914 and 1939 in particular- late summer was a time when there was no peace or relaxation, but a time for frenzied activity as a precursor to war.

The environment has been largely ignored in this time of economic crisis. It is as though the people of the world had decided that they must regroup, get wealthy, increase economic activity so that they can spoil the environment more effectively, then they will start worrying about it. Perhaps this will happen when summer eventually ends. Summer may end with cooler weather in a a warmer climate.

The words of the poet run through my head:

Summer’s almost gone
Summer’s almost gone
Almost gone
Yeah, it’s almost gone
Where will we be
When the summer’s gone?

(James Douglas Morrison)

A fine evening in early summer

It is a quiet planet for me tonight. In England most folk are concentrating on their televisions, watching football teams play each other and I, also a watcher in Wales tonight, pause to listen in the countryside. Even the birds are silent as the long summer evenings allow me to read and write outside at nearly ten o’clock in this warm pleasant quiet time. Continue reading