Is Spring really late this year, or is it that I am impatient for the buds to turn into leaves and flowers, and the earth to warm and the skies to smell sweetly? Continue reading


This Spring in Britain is on course for being the coldest ever recorded. Most of us would settle for a Summer that is the warmest Spring ever recorded, as the greenhouse gases and aerosols play swings and roundabouts with the climate, melting more ice at the poles, changing with subtle efficiency the great oscillations, so there is scorching on the Russian Steppes, drought where there was was rain and tornadoes that try to compete with some conceived on Venus.

Home thoughts from abroad

Officially very early March is still winter, in England, but the trees and plants do not know this and they live not on summertime or wintertime but on daylight. This year in England Spring has arrived a little later than usual but it is nice to see it come.

This pear tree is covering its branches with buds, which will shortly burst into leaves and flowers, from which the pears will grow. Against the grey sky of London, the pear tree has its own beauty and intrigue.

I am abroad when this is being posted, not in the land where gaudy melon flowers grow, but a hotter drier land where the colours and sights of this great and varied planet although scarred by humans are nevertheless wondrous and delightful. My home thoughts from abroad are not those of Mr Browning.

Spring is late this year

Spring is late this year in London. The trees are in bud but this time last year many of them were in leaf. The hard cold winter, well suited to the hard cold economic environment, has delayed the plants from showing themselves. Continue reading