The Effect on Climate of coal, diesel and wood burning

I have written a great deal about my views that particulates are a significant contribution to the changes that our climate are experiencing than we understand, and my instincts seem to be borne out by research published in the Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres.  If the research has drawn the correct conclusions, then particulates from wood burning, diesel engines and coal burning (which create pure carbon in the form of soot) have twice more impact on our climate than previously estimated. Continue reading

The tropical rain forest and your personal bags of soot

In the past forty years one Brazilian State, Amazonia, has turned land with the surface area four times the size of Wales from tropical rain forest into farmland or waste land. The farmland is used for rearing cattle, to feed the mouths of the ever prosperous world which is what happens when people can afford a richer diet. Continue reading