The Least Worst

More and more developed nations are becoming like the fictional city of Dakir. Perhaps it was always thus.

Writing many decades ago, Hilaire Belloc described Dakir in his satire “the Mercy of Allah”. Belloc was a devout catholic who seemed to think that the biggest threat to Christianity came from Islam and he was not kind in his portrayal of Muslims, so perhaps for that reason his book does not get the credit it deserves.

Belloc’s book tell of a city, much beloved by the very wealthy in society.   It is a place where the rich are immune from the criminal law, where the rich pay no taxes, and it is the place of the ordinary man to work in order to make the rich more wealthy.

Perhaps this has a familiar sound today, for as Belloc remarks, the very wealthy only become so by the labour of the poor.

I do not suggest that communism or socialism of any kind is a solution to the problem of the poor becoming poorer and the rich becoming richer at the expense of the poor. Those “isms” have miserably failed humanity, as have most other isms including capitalism.

It seems our choice is rather like choosing which stick someone should beat you with: you have to pick the least worst.

Holding the European Empire Together

On 25 January Greece will hold elections. As far as we can read the future it seems likely that Syriza will win those elections and as Syriza have campaigned on an anti-austerity platform the new Greek Government will engage with the European Union in an attempt to persuade the EU to mitigate its austerity policies. If the EU fails to do this then it is likely that Greece will leave the European Union.  Continue reading