The World’s Largest Solar PV Array

While the United Kingdom’s renewable energy sector is losing business, due to uncertainty about government policy and the administration’s poor understanding of renewable energy the renewable energy sector in India looks as though it will become increasing prosperous and increasing important to the economic development of India. Continue reading

Keep it simple, keep it small

It is important to recycle that which we no longer need. We carefully separate our paper, plastic, metal and other waste. Many of us are given separate rubbish containers. There are laws requiring us to do this, because if we do not recycle our waste the two bad very undesirable things happen to it. Either it is dumped in landfill, which wrecks the environment and often produces a dangerous and unhealthy land frequently emitting greenhouse gases and pollution, or it is burnt, adding to atmospheric carbon dioxide and particulates in the atmosphere. Some atmospheric particulates are carcinogenic while others make breathing difficult, especially for the elderly and the asthmatic. Continue reading

People Like Us

The concept that big is beautiful is not one honoured in words but it certainly is honoured in observance. Every day in almost every part of our lives we must deal with a big organisation that has many millions of customers. These big organisations, like wealthy people and the aristocracy, seek comfort in organisations like them so we find that their auditors are massive corporations, their lawyers are massive businesses and their friends are people like them. Continue reading