Fracking could be responsible for water contamination at the Wind River Reservation

History is written by the victors and when the defeated have no writing history becomes mere propaganda. For example the Americans who today live the American Dream (whatever that may be) do so by dancing on the bones of the aboriginal peoples that once walked the continent. Old habits die hard; when you have built a nation on the oppression of the aborigine there is little chance of changing your habits. Continue reading

Fracking earthquakes and fracking underground water supplies

In terms of emissions and particulates produced by actual burning natural gas is the least polluting of all fossil fuels by a good distance. However, when it comes to environmental protection we must consider the effects of everything that is done to extract the fossil fuel and use it, not just the last step in the energy chain. If we use oil taken from Canadian oil tar sands then the overall effect of its pollution is very high – probably higher than coal mined from open cast pits. When we look at using natural gas extracted from shale rock we must, before we decide on its environmental effect, look at the first steps in the production of the gas, not just the last step, when it burns in our condensing boiler. Continue reading