South Stream Construction Halted

When the South Stream gas pipeline is finished Russia will through that pipeline be able to supply Europe with 15% of its natural gas needs. The line starts in Russia, will flow under the Black Sea and hit land in Northern Bulgaria, where it will then travel to Serbia, Through Hungary and Slovenia and thence into Italy. Gazprom hopes to own the pipeline and have paid for the construction thus far, but the European Union is uncomfortable with Gazprom owning 100% and seek to restrict its ownership to 50%.  Continue reading

Humanity is a Prime Suspect

Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina have experienced severe flooding. There have been unprecedented levels of rainfall and the floods are certainly the worst that the region has experienced for a century, possibly longer. Continue reading

Solar for a Serbian Hospital

I wrote at the beginning of this week about a solar thermal installation helping King’s College Hospital in South London with 12 Genersys solar panels. There is a much larger installation in a hospital by Genersys’ sister company, ThermoSolar who have provided 200 solar panels covering 400 square metres for a hospital in the northern province of Serbia at the town of Zrenjnanin.

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