The Science of Criticism

Art and science thrive on criticism, science particularly so, because the scientific process is usually a progress from an idea to a fact, from a possibility through probability to truth. You cannot make that journey and reach your destination – truth – unless there is a great deal of criticism and peer review along the route. Even when you have reached what is universally accepted as the truth, you may still be wrong and so the criticism must continue. Continue reading

Suing their wrappers off; journalists upset Tesco

You can sue the pants off someone, but you cannot sue the wrapping off.


Yesterday I blogged about Tesco’s noble aspiration which was to help its customers tackle climate change. The way Tesco decided to help its customers tackle climate change was to label twenty items that it sells with a carbon footprint. There, job done! Tesco can get back to its core business in many parts of the world, including Thailand, knowing that they have helped their customers tackle climate change. Continue reading