The aftermath of revolutions

In the immediate aftermath of every revolution in which tyranny is overthrown, there is a period of elation. The people are joyous and because they have deposed of a despot and the voice of the turtle is heard in the land as the gunfire abates. It is easy to feel that the revolution has changed the world forever and that the blessings of democracy and freedom will henceforth be enjoyed by everyone. Continue reading

The enemy of our enemy is not our friend

There have been many revolutions in human history. A revolution is an overthrow of an established government by another group that subsequently becomes the government. I think that there are two kinds of revolution. The first kind is a revolution led by ideas. The United States of America, the South American states, France and Russia have all experienced revolutions in which the power changed from those to govern to those who became the governors and garnered support by the strength of the ideals expressed. Continue reading