Renewable Heat Policy – muddled thinking

The United Kingdom Government has published an Energy Statement in the form of Departmental Memorandum from the Department of Energy and Climate Change. As a whole it is much of the same, with little change from the previous position, but that is to be expected from such a new government that has to get to grips with securing our energy and climate change future which is the most difficult and important of its tasks, whether it realises it or not. Continue reading

Renewable heat – a new approach by the UK government

For years I have argued that the United Kingdom has an electricity policy, rather than an energy policy, but things are changing. The newly formed Department for Energy & Climate Change (who call themselves DECC) now have a director of heat who is charged with the problem of providing  a large contribution the UK’s emission targets from renewable heat, which the European Union has been forcing on a fairly unwilling United Kingdom. Continue reading