Problem Solving

Many people like puzzles. They become expert in crosswords or sudoku or similar recreations, which can be a pleasant way to spend time, but real life legal puzzles are not an entertainment; for those clients caught in the midst of a legal puzzle they endure great stress. Most people who find themselves being sued or having to sue never, when they started on a course of business or a relationship, envisaged that it would end in tears. They suddenly, and these things often happen suddenly, discover that their life’s work is at risk, and the stress of many thousands of hours being wasted. Continue reading

Puzzle Solving

People like to solve puzzles. It is not surprising. Living itself can be quite a puzzle. We have to learn how to do things. We can do some things instinctively, like breathing, but in the main we have to sort out a rather complex way of living in a very complex world. Continue reading