Putting the record straight – Professor David MacKay

I wrote about Professor David MacKay’s nuclear vision in https://robertkyriakides.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?action=edit&post=2002 but I did the Professor an injustice, because I ascribed views to him which are not his own. He has commented on my blog that his views, which were widely reported in The Sunday Times as well as in the trade magazine “Heating & Ventilation”, were in fact misreported. He was giving a talk and in the course of it posited “Plan M” as an illustration of one of the choices that we could make about energy policy. He did not recommend Plan M, but used it to illustrate the choices available.

I owe Professor MacKay an apology, which I unreservedly make now. Continue reading

Professor’s MacKay’s nuclear vision

It is difficult for a nation to plan its energy requirements for the future and that difficulty is made harder when that nation cannot decide upon a settled energy policy. In the United Kingdom there are so many conflicting policy proposals that I despair of the United Kingdom ever establishing an energy policy which secures energy and keeps emissions from energy to a minimum. Continue reading