The tropical rain forest and your personal bags of soot

In the past forty years one Brazilian State, Amazonia, has turned land with the surface area four times the size of Wales from tropical rain forest into farmland or waste land. The farmland is used for rearing cattle, to feed the mouths of the ever prosperous world which is what happens when people can afford a richer diet. Continue reading

Carbon trading – should we bother with an Emissions Trading Scheme?

The European Commission thinks that a global market for trading carbon should be part of a way to tackle climate change and is working to create a worldwide carbon trading market. Climate change is so serious that we should welcome anything that we help reduce carbon dioxide emissions, but I have fears that global or indeed any market in carbon dioxide emissions will not help reduce emissions but will have the opposite effect. Continue reading

The price of carbon and the cost of emissions

The collapse of the financial markets has revealed fundamental flaws in the way that we run markets. These have not been foreseen by any government, and are now causing them to rethink their policy towards the very heavy reliance on markets. They have regarded markets as providing growth, which they regard as a good thing, but as the markets have failed and growth turns into contraction governments around the world realise that creating and stimulating markets has got to be done win a way that avoids the artificiality and speculation which created such complex financial instruments that no one really understood and which clothed incompetence and fraud. Continue reading