The Imminent Threat of a Wedding Procession

In December a drone sent by the United States of America entered Yemen and struck a wedding procession. The US claims that the twelve people killed and the fifteen people injured were all members of Al-Qaeda, but how would they know? Continue reading

Diplomatic Exchanges

In the Middle East, Egypt seems to have brokered a cease fire, or rather a cease of rocket launches and bombings between Gaza and Israel. Rockets have been fired into Israel and in retaliation air strikes that have taken place on Gaza and in retaliation rockets have been fired into Israel and so forth. This vicious circle of violence seems to have no beginning and no end. As usual, recent exchanges of violence have resulted in many more Palestinian dead than Israeli dead. The most recent body count is 25 to nil, in favour of Israel. Continue reading

Talking about global temperatures, and walking backwards

 I bet that everyone reading this post is mightily relieved that both the group of eight industrialised countries plus China, Brazil, Egypt, India and Mexico have all agreed that average global temperatures should not be allowed to rise by more than two degrees. Phew, it is comforting to know that every major large nation in the world agrees that.

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