Let’s not waste money on PPE courses

It is human nature, personal human nature, to want to achieve something. Many think in terms of bettering themselves; many think of creating a better life for their children. Others want to achieve fame or financial success. Continue reading

Three ways to secure our energy – but has the scramble started?

If a week is a long time in politics then five months is so long that the policies that were espoused then as solutions are as odd to us as those that were offered a hundred years ago.

It was only a month ago that our Foreign Secretary, David Miliband made an important speech at the London School of Economics. Mr Miliband is one of these very bright people who went to Oxford where he studied Politics Philosophy and Economics and his subsequent career has been exclusively in politics, as far as I can gather.

He argued in his important speech that there was a “resource crunch” which has led to prices of fuel and food rising tremendously. Continue reading