Power for the People

The energy policy of the United Kingdom has been in a mess for at least two decades. Ofgem has indicated that it expects power cuts to be frequent from 2015 onwards as the plant load factor – the amount of spare capacity at the electricity generating stations – reduces to very dangerously low levels. For successive governments energy has been an afterthought, and addressed in words rather than deeds and coherent policies, and the government is in denial about the risk of blackouts. Continue reading

When the electricity no longer works

It should come as no surprise to readers of these posts and of “the Energy Age” that people are now talking about a lack of proper energy capacity in the United Kingdom in about five years time. A report by Fells Associates reaches the same conclusion that I reached (although obviously with much more research and care than I was able to devote) – that the United Kingdom will in future experience power cuts and energy cuts. Continue reading

Why power cuts will get worse and worse and even the Wichita lineman won’t be able to cope

This week parts of the United Kingdom suffered power cuts. You might expect it in the depth of winter, but not on a rainy day in May. Why should there be any power cuts at all? Forty years ago, Jimmy Webb gave the clue in his song:

I am a lineman for the county
And I drive the main road
Searching in the sun for another overload Continue reading