Port Talbot Biomass Power Station gets its permit

I have always thought that biomass power stations, like that one that is proposed in Port Talbot, are a mistake; they start from the premise that biomass is renewable and sustainable and that biomass power stations will ensure that the trees used are replaced with new planting. I do not think that it is as simple as that; the carbon cycle is more complex and plenty of carbon emissions will not be replaced by new biomass growth. Continue reading

Air pollution causes deep vein thrombosis and other problems

Particulate air pollution seems to be even worse for you than we previously thought. I have already written in these posts about the problems that biomass pollution can cause and I have also written about the link between increased carbon dioxide levels and poor health and cancers.

Now I have to add to this somewhat miserable and depressing list by warning that researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health led by Dr Andrea Baccarelli have found evidence that deep vein thrombosis is linked to air pollution – yes air pollution, not just air travel. Continue reading

Biomass, wood smoke, particulates and cancers

When we breathe in we inhale not only air but dust, and very small particles of stuff that we humans have put in the atmosphere. We know that these can be harmful – coal dust and asbestos dust spring immediately to mind.

Because we are putting relatively speaking so much into the atmosphere scientists are trying to understand the effect of these particles on human health.There is therefore a great deal of study and experimentation involving the toxicology of particles and fibres. Continue reading