The Outlook for Climate Change

It looks as though 2019 will become the second warmest year on record, since record of global temperatures began to be taken in the later part of the 19th Century. Predictions are always hard but if 2019 does not end up as the second warmest, it will certainly be in the top 5 warmest years, according to the US National Ocean and Atmospheric Adninistration. The trend towards warming is undeniable; there will always be some years which buck the trend but if you consider things on a decade by decade basis this planet is warming at about the rate about a degree Celsius per century. That rate will almost certainly increase over the next decades.

I do not wish to be alarmist – Extinction Rebellion are spreading more than enough alarm without suggesting any real means of mitigating climate change.

I have always thought that the starting point of trying to mitigate or slow done the rate of global warming is through energy use, which is responsible (in my view) for most of the global warming the planet is experiencing. In recent years I have formed the view that to prevent rapid global warming we must not only curtail fossil fuel energy use but also population expansion.

Eventually we can address the use of fossil fuel in energy use. I doubt if humanity will ever be ready to address the growth in population. The planetary outlook is not hopeful unless we can refrain from breeding and curtail our numbers.

The Long Run

In Karachi and the surrounding areas of Pakistan many people are suffering from heat exhaustion and some are dead as a result of very high summer temperatures. Karachi is a city of some twenty million inhabitants. It has poor infrastructural services – electricity is in short supply and clean water is short in summer- and this makes life almost unlivable when temperatures reach 45 Centigrade, as they have recently. The record temperature recorded at Karachi is 47 degrees Centigrade, which it hit in 1979. This is not a pleasant start to Ramadan. Continue reading

Water, flooding and drainage

If my thinking on global warming is right then in the United Kingdom we will have more rainfall. The United Kingdom is growing its population and there are plenty of more people who are settling in these islands than there are who leave these islands. That means we will build more houses, more roads and more concrete based infrastructure, and that means that the increased rainfall that I expect will not be sinking into the grounds as much as running off it. That means, if I am right, more and more flooding. Continue reading

How to Save All the People in the World and Life as We Know it

It is very simple; the people in the developed world eat too much and use too much fossil fuel energy. This is creating rapid climate change and food shortages through droughts and flooding. Many more people than normal are going hungry in the world while much of the developed world is over fed and close to obesity. Further there amount of people in the owlrd is placing stress on the planet and its resources. Continue reading

Why China is achieving more economic prosperity

In the 1950s and 1960s the world perceived the success of the Germany economy as wonderful. The Germans had a word for it – the Wirtschaftswunder, which means the economic miracle. In the past twenty years the economic miracle of the world has been China. Obviously making an economic miracle means working hard and intelligently. Some rich nations become lazy, and lose their desire and hunger. Every poor nation is hungry, and people are prepared to work hard and intelligently but something stands in their way. Continue reading

Most of us live lives that are complex beyond our understanding

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy”, Hamlet told Horatio, when Horatio was being sceptical about ghosts. Certainly there are more things than our philosophy and our science know of, and this was always the case. Although we may be smart today, there are complex philosophical analytics which even a learned philosopher finds its hard work to understand, and equally complex science which no single person can know, and technology which single people can only understand in layers. I understand how to pound the keys of my computer to write these words, and how to post them on the internet, but not the maze of circuits and solid and moving machinery that works within or the codes within codes that flow through the machine. Continue reading

Economic prosperity depends upon environmental protection

The second day of the New Year is a good time to take stock of the old year. We celebrate the New Year arriving, but do we ever celebrate the old year that has passed? There has not been much to celebrate in the old year, as far as the environment is concerned.  Nations have been too distracted by economic problems to concentrate on the long term, and they regard the protection of our planet as a long term issue, rather than as an issue that must be addressed now. Continue reading