Silence – the electric car is coming


I am not a great fan of electric vehicles. They are still in the development stage, mostly requiring frequent re-charges of electricity in order to be useful over long distances unless you can afford to buy a super expensive model. In cities electric cars simply move the pollution to the power stations, although they do improve city air quality because their use is emission free, although their recharging is very emission intensive.  Continue reading

No More Polystyrene in the Big Apple

Today I read some good news for the environment, which is a rare occurrence. New York City will prohibit the single the use of Expandable Polystyrene Foam (EPS) packaging in six months’ time. Continue reading

Subsidising Air Pollution

This morning in London started quite beautifully. Spring was in evidence in every tree and shrub and there was a warm feeling to the start of the day. The sky was clear and the air felt clean, but things were not as they appeared.  Continue reading

As Ye Shall Sow…

You might spare a thought for the people of California. They are suffering the worst drought ever recorded and they are also suffering from very poor air quality caused, in many places, by the Asian Brown Cloud pollution drifting from China at the rate of a transatlantic airliner to settle above the San Joaquin Valley, which tends to keep it there with the effects of thermal inversion. Continue reading

Smart Meters Being Fitted Too Slowly


It is rather odd, isn’t it, that in an age where we can speak at length on a visual phone without charge to someone on the other side of the world, and when we can have our metatdata examined by rows of spooks, have our credit information accessed and read by anyone who wants to and trace a car that has been parked on land without permission in order to levy some kind of fine, that we must treat our energy use being metered in ways set seventy years ago using very little of modern technology. Continue reading

Sylvan Grove

I was in South London on a busy arterial road, surrounded by cars and lorries, passing big warehouses, supermarkets, petrol stations and shops made grubby by the diesel particulates that flew either side of the road. people who have to live and work along that road and cannot avoid breathing in the pollution caused by the traffic, end up has human air filters; eventually theu do not notice it. Continue reading

Plastic California

Californians have some good ideas as well as plenty of bad ideas. The state, founded upon an aggressive war which annexed the territory from Mexico, today has an economy larger than most nations; it has plenty of confidence and plenty of money and has wreaked plenty of environmental damage upon itself. It was such a lovely place, such a lovely place but is becoming an ugly place.  Continue reading