Nice Work If You Can Get it

The latest scandal affecting the House of Lords is nothing unusual nor is it in itself a reason to change the constitutional arrangements to reform this appointed un-elected body of cronies of elected politicians. There are plenty of scandals that affect elected chambers; humans are weak frail and full of hubris so it is not surprising when scandals emerge. The reason to abolish the House of Lords is that it is simply undemocratic.  Continue reading

Insulting The President

In Turkey it is a criminal offence to insult the President and there are a couple of hundred people who are being investigated for this serious offence; two cartoonists have already been found guilty of insulting the Turkish President. Continue reading

Sticking in the Mud

Governments swim in the mud. It is not successful. They do not get far, but do get muddy. They tell us there is no choice but to swim in the mud; they are fearful of clean water and enjoy the sensation of familiar mud in which they could stick. Continue reading

Getting Annoyed

The world is full of petty annoyances. As I write the sound of an enthusiastic worker using a machine to dig up the road in order to repair is is a petty annoyance, but if I let it, it would easily become an overwhelming one. When I listen to politicians and sports people not answer the question but let out a pre-prepared statement I am annoyed, but when I hear a politician argue against a statement that has not been made, viciously attributing to his or her opponent a view that the opponent does not hold I get very annoyed at the intellectual dishonesty.   Continue reading

Christmas and Elections are coming

With just twenty four days left to Christmas and only 126 days to the next UK General Election politicians are promising the electorate presents provided, of course, they get elected. As time goes by they will vie with each oter in their promises, hoping, no doubt, that the electorate will forget that the promised presents are being bought with money that will be taken from the electorate, in that fine line between taxation and theft,which governments can decide.

The Rain Still Falls

The southern part of England has had more rainfall on it than ever, well if you count “ever” as being 248 years. The rain still falls and now the upstream parts of the Thames is in danger of flooding, with more than two and a half thousand homes at risk form the rising waters. Continue reading

Prosecuting Nurses

Nursing is a caring profession. People used to enter it and practise nursing for very different reasons and from a different standpoint than others in the medical profession. Nurses are really at the sharp end of care and make a difference to the care outcomes of ill people. Forty years ago nurses, then mainly women, were regarded as angels; very often taxi drivers refused to accept their money at the end of a journey and grateful patients were kind to them. Since then nursing seems to have changed, with higher and more complex technology augmented these days by less tenderness, less time to spend with patients and sometimes less love for their patients. Continue reading

Lobbying and Corruption

Some administrations are openly corrupt.  In some parts of the world you can offer a handful of cash to a civil servant or government official in order to obtain a document that is your administrative right, like a minor permit, or a document that is your human right to possess, like a passport. You have to offer a large bag full of cash to obtain a facility to make more cash in that part of the world. These things are done secretly but the process is not too subtle. Continue reading

We have to make politicians less important in democracies

We have to make politicians in democracies less important than they are at present and make the democratic process more important. Of course the democratic will is just as capable of making errors of judgement as politicians. Continue reading