Section213 Patriot Act

Perhaps it is my fault, but I find the title to one piece of American legislation chillingly Orwellian. I mean the Patriot Act and in particular Section 213 of it. This legislation was enacted to fight terrorism. It is now rarely used for terrorism investigations and most commonly used in Federal drug investigations. The section provides Continue reading

UK terrorism laws applied to things that are nothing to do with terrorism

Parliament has enacted a series of anti-terrorism laws which are being used in ways that have nothing to do with terrorism. Great care must be taken before you give the police or the tax authorities more power because they will inevitably use powers given for one reason to assist them in ways that were not intended. Since the present Government came to office they have enacted a new criminal offence for every day of the eleven years that they have been in charge. I never knew that our criminal law was so lacking or that the people of the United Kingdom were so lawless. Continue reading