Mark Anthony Lied

Good men and women die every day. Their loved ones mourn and remember them but for those who are famous there is a rapid lament and they are forgotten. Mark Anthony claimed that the evil that men do lives after them and the good is oft interred with their bones. Mark Anthony lied. Continue reading


It is said that there are many ways of looking at a thing, but in truth, there are many things which we look at in the same way and thus believe that they are one thing when they are really many things and different things. Every day is countless different things. Each person is countless different things.


One new war takes the world’s focus away from old wars. One new misery makes folk forget old miseries. One new disease makes people forget old diseases. A new sorrow pushes out some of the sadness of old sorrows. Continue reading

Time and the Good Earth

Another day comes and will pass, with the turning of te earth. In the east, where we see the morning sun on the horizon, days arrive earlier han they come in the west, which shows us the sun vanishing on the horizon.  Continue reading

The First Day of February

I am glad that today is the first day of February, forty one days after the shortest day in these latitudes. It has not yet been a very bitter winter, just a cold and dark one, and when the sun did shine it shined low in the horizon filling our eyes with spite. Soon the sun will bathe us and the Spring will come, soon, very soon.

Death is No Respecter of the Virtuous

When we die how long shall we be mourned and how long shall we be remembered? Perhaps it does not matter. After all, our chances of living were very emote – more remote than winning the grandest lottery and perhaps that is what we did in any event when the single sperm that was once us out of 600 million companions found by strength or chance its home to create our life. Continue reading

Better better yourself.

People want to “better” themselves; this is a significant human desire. They generally believe that self betterment involves living in a more spacious more luxurious house, taking more luxurious holidays, eating more unusual rare food and drinking better wines and beers. Having children is part of self betterment; children are an asset as well as a liability and humans frequently desire to reflect in the glory of their children and reflect that their children may have better lives than those they have had. Continue reading