Where You Stand

Mountains appear small on the horizon. They are little inundations across the landscape, of subtle lines against the sky. Hills seem massive when we are at their foot, almost too large to take in with a glance. We have to turn our heads to see them.

Where we stand shapes our interpretation of what we see. The mountains and hills are constant, but perspective changes and thus our perception of them varies as we shift our positions.

Some people never shift positions but see things from the same perspective. I do not blame them for that. Eventually we are all locked in a position where we stand. Perhaps with age we should no longer see things but perceive them as a whole, as though locked in the sky above them. That should be our aim.

A twenty three year old man once wrote and sang “how terribly strange to be seventy”. He is now four score and fifteen and I wonder if he finds it strange to be that age, or whether the strangeness is limited to the unknown fears of youth having not yet gained the high ground and thus finding things imperceptible.


Believing the Right Thing for the Wrong Reason

Belief is a vice or virtue of humanity. What we believe shapes our actions and governs our relationships. Humans tend to prefer belief to perception and prefer belief to knowledge, because knowledge is so hard to acquire. Continue reading

Governments and Wisdom

The wisdom of governments is a rare commodity. It is difficult for those in government say things that are the right things to say for the right reasons and in their belief that governments must provide their people with their daily bread and weekly luxuries, they fall into the tempting belief which they verily want to believe – that their own government has special ideals and special qualities which will protect or enhance their masters the people.  Should any of the masters or competitors of government err, it is unlikely that those trespasses will be forgiven for the self belief of governments tends to prevent much self knowledge and less self criticism. Continue reading

Climate Change from idea to perception to almost truth

This is the third attempt that I have made to write an essay for today. At one time the previous two attempts would have reached the waste paper bin, but these days failed attempts are simply cremated before they are born. Continue reading