The Long Run

In Karachi and the surrounding areas of Pakistan many people are suffering from heat exhaustion and some are dead as a result of very high summer temperatures. Karachi is a city of some twenty million inhabitants. It has poor infrastructural services – electricity is in short supply and clean water is short in summer- and this makes life almost unlivable when temperatures reach 45 Centigrade, as they have recently. The record temperature recorded at Karachi is 47 degrees Centigrade, which it hit in 1979. This is not a pleasant start to Ramadan. Continue reading


The deliberate murder of school children to further a political ambition leaves a deep and lasting imprint on the minds of those who learn about it. This is real terror, beyond anything recently experienced in the developed world, and has happened in that melting cauldron, Pakistan. It is hard to understand the mentality of the murderers. I can understand the mentality of those who have gone on killing sprees in schools previously, not for political ends, but because their minds were warped from the normal mind that we encounter. What happened in Peshawar was different.  Continue reading

Drone Deaths and Marathon Murders

Killing people is wrong. Life is too valuable and precious to be wasted.In the United States Mr Obama has mourned the death of some innocents killed at the Boston Marathon. We wonder why anyone would choose to kill with bombs while people are innocently watching a sporting event. The deaths will be justified in the minds of the perpetrators.They will have their reasons, whether it be revenge or hatred, they will have their reasons. Three dead at Boston, many wounded and the world mourns; the world mourns at events to show sympathy for the three Americans who lost the lives and the many maimed and injured. Continue reading

Selective Grief

I watched the television news which told of twenty schoolchildren killed without reason that we can comprehend in Connecticut. As is expected in these cases the leader of the United States spoke a few words. He spoke them, for he is a good orator, and as he spoke I hoped that Mr Obama’s words would bring a small measure of comfort to the bereaved. Then I saw it, a gesture by which Mr Obama undid any comfort his words may have brought. Continue reading

Floods in Pakistan and a heatwave in Russia…join the dots

When you look for evidence, hard evidence, that the climate is changing you should not bother with looking at places where there is large variability in weather, like the United Kingdom. Here we have had our cold winter for many years and the hottest summer for many years. Rainfall is down by 50% in the South East this summer but up by 85% in the North West this summer. This is all part of the UK’s rich pageant of climate. Continue reading

Increasing energy prices – why they will rise and rise and what we can do about it

Natural gas and electricity prices will get higher. British Gas increased electricity and gas bills by an average of 15% this January and is now signalling further large price increases. It claims that its profits have been hit by a 92% increase in the wholesale price of gas in the past twelve months and therefore it will need to increase its prices to ensure that it does not lose money.

All of the energy supply companies in the UK are in the same position as British Gas. Electricity and gas are still cheap for consumers in the UK. Heating oil is now around 60p a litre, which in kWh terms must be the most expensive ever. Continue reading