The Complexity of Dealing With Plastic Bags

It is very difficult to understand why the government of the United Kingdom, with all its resources and all its clever members of Parliament are taking so much time and making so much complexity in introducing a simple requirement to charge for the use of plastic bags. Continue reading

Waste and recycling centres and issues at Witely

Landfill sites cause big environmental problems. No one wants to live next door to what is in effect a dumping ground for other people’s rubbish. There are so problems for a developed densely populated country like the United Kingdom if all they can do with copious amounts of rubbish is to dig a hole in the ground and bury it. Out of sight is not out of mind or out of hearing or out of smelling distance or out of environmental harm’s way. It is no more than sweeping the dust under the carpet. Continue reading

“Grown with care for the environment by farmers who share our values”

I enjoy eating blackberries. They have the right amount of sweetness and sourness for my taste. I have childhood memories of trips to the country with my father, to Hindhead in Surrey, where we walked through lanes covered with blackberry bushes which my father and I ate from the bush. They were good. Later on holidays to Greece I also found blackberries growing there, which I also ate off the bush. So, when I was shopping at my local Waitrose supermarket I saw blackberries. Continue reading

Suing their wrappers off; journalists upset Tesco

You can sue the pants off someone, but you cannot sue the wrapping off.


Yesterday I blogged about Tesco’s noble aspiration which was to help its customers tackle climate change. The way Tesco decided to help its customers tackle climate change was to label twenty items that it sells with a carbon footprint. There, job done! Tesco can get back to its core business in many parts of the world, including Thailand, knowing that they have helped their customers tackle climate change. Continue reading