If we do not care for the environment, the environment will not care for us

The world’s environmental problems grow with the numbers of humanity. The quality of the air is getting poorer, there is less fresh water to go round, biodiversity is being lost; the forests are being chopped down; the climate appears to be changing quite rapidly as a result of human caused emissions of greenhouse gases and there are fewer and fewer fish in the seas. Continue reading

Ozone a trace gas which helps us and harms us

One of the arguments of those who do not accept the theory of anthropogenic climate change is that at 380 parts per million, carbon dioxide is simply a trace gas in the atmosphere, in too small quantities to be significant in the world’s climate. Recent news about the discovery of the ozone hole above the southern hemisphere, twenty five years ago, led me to ponder on this counter argument. Continue reading

Oh, no, yet another greenhouse gas!

Sulphuryl fluoride, also known as sulfuryl fluoride has been identified as another greenhouse gas by scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. The chemical is used in gaseous form for fumigation. Continue reading