Discriminate Against Canadian Oil from Oil Tar Sands

If you buy food you expect to know where the food was produced and how it was produced. It is reasonable to know, for example, if the food is produced in a way that may be hazardous to your health, or if the food comes from a country which you would rather not deal with. When it comes to buying wood products many people want to know, before they buy and as a condition of their buying, that the wood is produced from sustainable sources, rather than from illegal logging. Continue reading

A Scandal in the Pipeline

As news of a gas pipeline being completed under the Baltic to bring gas from Russia to Europe breaks, in the other part of the Northern Hemisphere news of a scandal comes, about another pipeline, this time bearing oil. This is the Keystone XL, which carries oil taken from Canada’s oil tar sands and which runs from Hardisty in Alberta to Pakota in Illinois and to Cushing in Oklahoma. Continue reading