Oil and Gas leaks from Deepwater Horizon

When the oil and gas leaked from the Macondo Well at Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico in June 2010 something happened that never happened before. The oil and gas leaked some one and a half kilometres under the sea. Continue reading

The world’s worst environmental vandalism

For the first time in three months it seems that the Deepwater oil rig is no longer leaking crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico. This episode has had all the features of a melodrama with a tragic ending. There have been cover ups, lies, incompetence, political grandstanding, recriminations and generally a simplistic view of the financial and environmental damage done and the sufferings caused with an even more simplistic misunderstanding of the responsibilities. Continue reading

Oil leaks in the Gulf – who will pay and who should pay?

We are still counting the cost of an accident; accidents will happen. So far the numbers are eleven lives, 26,000 claims for compensation, nearly one billion dollars spent so far by BP another $70 million pledged for resuscitating a lost tourist interest and $500 million on research into deep water oil spills. You can add to that the amount of time and money spent by the US Administration in supervising what attempts to be a cleanup and the time and energy spent by the Gulf States in doing the same. Continue reading