Occam’s Razor Will Give the Labour Party a Haircut

Constitutional reform is important. If Scotland can have its own Parliament and make its own laws then there can be no justification for Scottish Members of the UK Parliament being able to vote on laws that affect England, Wales or Northern Ireland exclusively. It is a simple point of principle that is easy to understand. Continue reading

Occam’s Razor Rules

It is snowing in London this morning and there is a bitter wind, more suited to January than March. Our economy is also cold and bitter. We cannot change the weather, although in the long term we can and will change the climate, whether we want to or not and whether we believe it or not. We can change the economy, although the way to change it into something that is more benign and brings more prosperity is not clear. As with the environment, politics interferes with doing what is right for the economy. Continue reading

Gambling on Climate Change

Everyone likes to be right. You make bets when you think that you are right. I am not a betting person but I do not think that anyone makes a bet thinking that they will lose; even lottery players think that their repetitive bets will one fine day prove right. So when it comes to gambling on climate change, what would you do? Continue reading

Cutting through the climate change anomalies

The problem with climate change is that the topic is genuinely complex, from a scientific point of view. This complexity shows itself in many anomalies. Anomalies are any phenomena which are odd, unusual; they are often unique and deviate from established norms. Climate change science is bursting with anomalies. Scientists, in trying to develop a theory of climate change, have to explain these anomalies. Continue reading