Kim Jong-un and a figure of fun

The Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un is thought of by most people in these islands, if they think of him at all, as a reasonably fat figure of fun with a rather silly haircut. As befits a gentleman who is an unelected dictator in charge of a reasonably powerful nation with nuclear weapons and scant regard to the rights of the people over whom he reigns, Kim Jong-un is a natural target for satire- the use of ridicule, irony or sarcasm to expose his vice and folly. Continue reading

Scaring the Children

Scaring the children is a way of controlling them to do what you want them to do.

Tell them that if they do something wrong something very bad will happen has been used by parents and teachers probably since children began. Governments also have a way of scaring their employers, the people, and here are some examples Continue reading

Time for Poseidon to Give Up His Trident

Virtually all of the people in the world today have lived at a time when the most devastating of any weapon of mass destruction, possibly the only real weapon of mass destruction, has been in the hands of much of humanity. The nuclear bomb, now fashionably known as a nuclear deterrent, is a weapon that many countries may deploy if they so choose. Its power lies not just in the destruction it can cause but in the radiation that the explosion of a nuclear bomb releases. Continue reading

Time to disband the Nuclear Club

Apparently the biggest threat in the world is the fact that Iran might be acquiring nuclear weapons. It is a fact of life that those with something which gives them power can think of dozens of reasons as to why others should not be allowed to get that thing which gives power. There are also, it seems, dozens of reasons as to why those with the thing that gives power should not divest themselves of the thing which gives power. Continue reading

The Fashion of War

There seems to be a fashion in the matter of war. Sometimes war is in fashion and at other times war is out of fashion. Right now war is fashionable, but it is possible that the fashion will change. Fashions in war usually do change after a few years of futility, which futility can only be seen with the wisdom of hindsight. Continue reading

The top eight environmental felonies

I wrote about the top ten environmental misdemeanours recently and I now present my list of the top eight environmental felonies, which are more serious environmental crimes than mere misdemeanours. There are hundreds of environmental misdemeanours, but few environmental crimes. Continue reading