The Best Place to Locate a Nuclear Power Station

There are a three major problems with nuclear power stations; they are targets for terrorism and must be kept highly secure, they must dispose of safely large amounts of nuclear waste which has got to be stored for thousands of years and they create a large amount of wasted heat energy. I am able to report that I have now solved all three of these problems and found the best place to locate a large nuclear power station in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately I do not anticpate that those in authority will rush to put into effect my solution. Continue reading

There is no Free Lunch

It has been suggested that hydro electricity and nuclear energy are better alternatives to burning fossil fuel, because these sources do not provide emissions. Those suggestions are wrong. Continue reading

£9 Billion on a useless technology

A contract in which one party pays another £9 billion is by any accounts a big contract to land and it is also a big contract to lose. Nuclear Management Partners has lost a £9bn contract to clean up the nuclear waste site at Sellafield because, it seems, of overcharging and time delays. There was six years left on the contract when the government of the United Kingdom cancelled it. Continue reading

Leave for Warmer Climes When the Winter Comes

EDF is a French energy company. It is one of the six energy companies that control the United Kingdom’s energy supply and enjoys the rights privileges and advantages of it being part of an oligarchy. It specialises in nuclear power and has a number of nuclear generating plants which create heat by means of a chain reaction, uses the heat to make steam which drives a turbine which in turn generates electricity which in turn is fed into the national grid. The nuclear plants create nuclear waste in copious quantities which takes thousands of years to decay into a condition in which the waste in not dangerous. Continue reading

Dismantling Fuel Rods at Fukushima

Work is starting at the Fukushima nuclear reactors in Japan to remove nuclear fuel rods from one of the reactor buildings. It will take time. Continue reading

The Over Optimistic Attitude to Nuclear Energy

People who support and develop nuclear power are very optimistic. Even when disaster strikes they claim that the disaster is nothing to get hung about and that leaking radioactivity is not harmful to help. These optimists have boundless confidence in the ability of humanity to control the physical processes involved in generating nuclear energy combined with a failure to understand that humanity can never fully control the forces of nature. Continue reading

A Fond Hope

Both the nuclear energy industry and the tidal energy industry are prepared to build new generating capacity but only if the taxpayer guarantees the return of their investment. This is a new kind of capitalism – one which will only take risk if every conceivable risk is covered. The risk reward ratio for these projects, if implemented with a taxpayer guarantee would be virtually 1:100,000. Continue reading