It is complicated!

Some lay people and a very few scientists have claimed that there has been either no global warming or a much slower pace of global warming in the past ten years.
Unfortunately, climate science is a matter of genuine scientific complexity, and it is simply not true to try and make simple statements about that complexity and those claims are very simply, almost  childish statements. Continue reading

Geo engineering the climate – big on promises but…

Once in a while someone thinks of a bright idea without thinking it through properly. The idea is to cure some ill, but sometimes the cure may we worse than the disease. At the heart of these bright ideas is an endeavour to do good, but often there are other motives. Continue reading

El Niño is coming back

Some guests are unwelcome but necessary. Flies are a nuisance but they serve a useful purpose. Strange weather events that happen every few years bring good and bad consequences. After an absence of three years El Niño is back, bringing good things for some and bad things for others. Continue reading