The Stuff that Dreams are Made on

The news of a scandal about carbon credits in Russia and Ukraine is unsurprising. The whole system of carbon credits involves paying people not to produce something that we do not want. It is an attempt to create a market in something that is both economically useless and dangerous by bribing industries not to produce the stuff.  Continue reading

Words Come in a Rush but Words are not Ideas

Sometimes I do not have to time to write an essay which I find satisfactory. We cannot buy or extend time, either in microcosm or in our lifetimes. Sometimes the ideas are ill formulated in my mind because I have spent insufficient time thinking about the ideas. Sometimes the words flow, but the ideas are not significant.   Continue reading

Getting Older

In weakness youth and age are one, but only in weakness of body. As we get older do we see things more clearly; does the glass become more revealing as our bodies become more infirm? We dream of a better world for those that follow us as we change it, often despoiling it and depleting their inheritance.

Our dreams become nightmares as we get older. Our minds grasp what our bodies cannot hold. Perhaps out thinking weakens too.

“In the grey and brittle years old men walk three footed, weak as babes and sway like dreams in the light of day”.