Do You Remember the Stern Review?

Does anyone now remember Sir Nicholas Stern’s Review “the Economics of Climate Change” which made the headlines eight years ago? Mr Stern was respected economist who has worked for the World Bank and the UK Government, as well as holding professorships at pre-eminent universities. The Review comprised 575 pages and drew virtually all of the conclusions that most people who previously studied climate change issue have already reached and widely disseminated. Continue reading

Reporting on Climate Change

Nicholas Stern wrote a report a few years ago. Everyone praised it, not because it contained any illuminating insights or great original thinking; environmentalists have been making the points that Mr Stern raised in his report years earlier when Mr Stern was in charge of dishing out money to environmentally damaging projects at the World Bank, but because it was a report made by a member of the establishment about climate change. He was suitably rewarded and hailed as a wise man. That is fine by me; anyone who puts climate change into the minds of the establishment has done well. Continue reading

The story of the Stern Review, and the sequel

This is the story of the Stern Review Mr Nicholas Stern, a former banker and economist, was employed by Gordon Brown when Mr Brown was in charge of the Treasury, to write a report about the economic impact of climate change. The report in essence said that we all have to act now to prevent worsening climate change because the cost of acting later would be much more expensive. Continue reading

Don’t worry about the climate change deniers – it is the renewable energy deniers that are the problem.

The real problem that environmentalists face is not the climate change deniers. It is those who think that fossil fuel is cheap and plentiful and with harm. I do not mind those that deny man made global warming and climate change; it is a perfectly respectable view to take and one that has a respectable body of informed scientific opinion behind it, albeit a minority of scientists. The fact that an opinion is shared by most people does not make that opinion right. Eventually science will tell us whether the anthropogenic theory of climate change is accurate or not. If science does not reveal the answer then time will. Continue reading