Making New Crimes

I think that we have quite enough laws. Elected or appointed politicians think that the answer to a new threat is to make new laws. I suppose that is perfectly natural way to think if you have law making powers, especially if you are elected to have law making powers, but if the answer to new threats was to make new laws, then there would be no new threats, ever. Continue reading

There are plenty of laws against it

The law is getting very complicated. In the past fifty years procedures have changed, many new laws have been enacted and we seem to be moving away from the principle that everything is permitted unless it is specifically prohibited to a principle that everything is prohibited unless it is permitted.

Law is important because it governs us, far more than our government. Some of the complexity of law is inevitable as society itself because more complex. Some of the complexity of the law is unnecessary.

It is hard for someone who has not studied the law to understand it; ignorance of the law is no excuse. “I did not know it was against the law” has always been no defence, but now, increasingly “there is no law against it” is no longer a defence in many cases.

New Circumstances Require New Laws

We all love our freedom and no one wants to be oppressed. You can be oppressed and subjugated by violence and force and threats but ultimately laws are passed which provide a framework of oppression and a legal methodology which is used to oppress, for with every oppression there is an equal and opposite reaction – the oppressor becmes free to do as he pleases. Continue reading