Terrorists Who Became Statesmen

There have been a number of protests and adverse comments because the Queen of the United Kingdom (a person who has many other titles and honours) to whom allegiance is required by some sixty million of her “subjects” in in this nation has invited Mr McGuiness, a well known Irish person who has been accused of terrorism to dine with her and many others at Windsor Castle. Continue reading

Speak Kindly of Him

I suppose that all the obituaries, television and radio dedications, articles and programmes in the professional media have been prepared for months, if not years; they have been waiting for Nelson Mandela to die before releasing a veritable torrent of words and pictures about him. It is not surprising because there are so few heroes these days that work so much in the open and so few people who genuinely influence events, rather than have events influence them. Continue reading

The Futility of Revenge

The killing in the Middle East never seems to stop. I cannot list all the killings; 23 people were killed in Pakistan while paying their respects at the funeral of a police officer, more than 30 were killed by a series of bombs in Baghdad and there are many more incidents of killings which are conducted in the expectation of solving a particular problem. Continue reading

Mr Obama is a hopeful sort of chap

Mr Obama has praised Mr Mandela. Mr Obama has said that Mr Mandela is an inspiration to the world, kind words as Mr Mandela lies on his deathbed. Mr Obama’s well timed visit to South Africa enables Mr Obama to say the nicest things about Mr Mandela, his love for humanity and Mr Mandela’s yearning for justice, Mr Mandela’s principles, and so forth, and so forth. Why, Mr Obama even spoke on the telephone to Mr Mandela’s wife. Continue reading

Cry Your Tears For Freedom While you Count Your Money

The Dalai Lama is a Tibetan religious leader. A Buddhist, the Dalai Lama was one of the few religious leaders to be a ruler of a nation. He was enthroned on 1951 as the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet but a year later the communist Chinese toppled his government and China consumed the nation of Tibet and the Dalai Lama fled into exile where he has remained ever since, drawing attention to the oppression of Tibet. His exile has been longer that Nelson Mandela’s imprisonment or Aung Sun Suu Kyi’s house arrest. Continue reading