A Quiet August

August is supposed to be a quiet month for news. It is called “the silly season” because so many newspaper stories are simple silliness. Unfortunately this August a cold wind has blown throughout the world. There have been natural disasters (or perhaps they are man made ones) of drought and crop failures, wickedness in Norway, riots in England, murders, killings in wars and turmoil in many regions. The wind of violence and greed that has blown is not a cleansing wind, but one to fear. It is now longer the silly season, but a season of fear and hopelessness. The month is only half way through.

Planning for earthquakes and tsunami

The world has suffered many natural disasters recently, or so it seems. I do not think that things like earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and volcanic eruptions are getting more frequent. They are not. However, the footprint of humanity extends into almost every corner of the world these days, so the impact of a natural disaster, in terms of loss of life and economic loss, is bound to be much more severe than ever. Continue reading