High Speed, High Cost, High Vanity

The National Audit Office has questioned the business benefits of the government’s proposal to build a high speed rail link from London through Birmingham and to the North of the country. It is expressing a view that is shared by many people, not just those whose homes or businesses will be blighted by the new railway line. Continue reading

The True Cost of Nuclear Energy

Some think that nuclear energy is an important source of electricity and ought to be part of every nation’s energy generating system. Others think that nuclear energy is too dangerous to use and we should decommission nuclear power plants all over the world. I tend towards the latter view, but accept that there may be some merit in the former view. Whatever view you hold about nuclear energy everyone who thinks about it agrees that there must be a safe and perfect way of storing nuclear waste to prevent the waste being used for weapons and to prevent the waste leaking into the atmosphere or the sea or the land where it will cause harm and damage to human health and to the health of the ecosystem where the waste is stored. Continue reading