It Won’t Be Here Tomorrow  

“It won’t be here tomorrow” was a cry that some stall holders shouted when displaying their wares in street markets. It is doubtful as an inducement to buy and even more doubtful as a statement of truth. However, “they won’t be there in a few centuries” is a less doubtful and probably true statement of the six major glaciers in the West Antarctic. Continue reading

Is the Planet Warming?

There are plenty of excellent scientists at NASA. They have managed to send humans to the moon and to have them orbit in spacecraft around the world and gathered much information which is added to human knowledge about our planet and the universe. I would imagine that the scientists at NASA would not wish to make false claims or miscalculations. I do not think that you can put a man on the moon using much flawed science.

NASA, as an entity, “believes” in global warming and climate change caused by human activity. I am not aware that any of those who do not share this belief have managed to launch space rockets containing humans, but of course no doubt if I am wrong I shall be corrected. Continue reading

Weather is Temporary, Climate Permanent

People confuse weather with climate. Weather, like form, is temporary but climate like quality is permanent, or relatively so. When we say that there is climate change we are not speaking of changes in weather from day to day or even year to year or even decade to decade, but a process which has always happened. Until the industrial revolution that process was gentle and slow and mostly took hundreds of years but since the industrial revolution has moved much more quickly. If you measure this process as a trend over the centuries it can be seen more clearly. Continue reading

The Pace of Climate Change

There are hundreds of different measures that people employ when it comes to climate change. Large institutions with deep pockets, like NASA or theUnited Kingdom’s Met Office use sophisticated measures which measure temperatures and events in tens of thousands of places. Some folk take their own personal measurements every day. There is a lot of data and it is difficult to see the whole picture, because we tend to concentrate on the small parts of the picture that we can more readily understand. Continue reading

Gambling with the planet

We are usually happy and impressed when records are broken, because breaking records usually shows us that humans have progressed. We can run faster, fly higher, or even eat more sausages – this is all a measure of progress, but as my geography teacher used to say, progress is merely putting one foot in front of another. Progress is about movement, not direction, so we should treat all record breaking and all progress carefully. Continue reading

Measuring the Arctic Ice and sea levels

If someone tries to tell you that the seas are getting cooler and not warmer and therefore global warming is a myth then here is some food for thought. During the last five or six years satellite observations of sea ice in the Arctic Ocean show that the sea ice is shrinking and it is getting thinner. NASA has analysed data that it has collected from its satellites and thinks that the sea ice has thinned on average by about seven inches a year and the area covered by all year round sea ice has reduced in the past six years by 45%. Continue reading

Kopernikus, a project that will help us fight climate change

Kopernikus, (or Copernicus) is one of Poland’s most famous scientists and thinkers, although the Germans also lay claim to him. Whatever his ethnicity, he was one of Europe’s most important thinkers in the middle ages, and now a project concerning climate change has been named for him. Continue reading