Oil Prices Get Lower

Mr Putin, Leader of the Russian Federation has suggested that the fall in oil prices is due to American shale gas production. I doubt whether this is the sole factor, and no doubt Mr Putin would acknowledge other factors, such as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria selling oil for only $30 a barrel and increased production in Libya, but as Mr Putin points out, if oil prices fall to less than $80 a barrel most shale gas production is uneconomic. Continue reading

On Being Called A Fascist

Some years ago over a diner with acquaintances at which we talked about politics I was surprised and offended by one of the diners who said, in response to a statement I made about politics “you are a fascist”. The term was applied by a person who had left wing views of a traditional left wing nature to me, a person whose view do not easily fall into either a left wing or a right wing or a centrist designation I have been called many things before, but never a fascist. Continue reading

Where Are the Snowdens of yesteryear?

Edward Snowden is a much sought after person. Governments, legal authorities and journalists want to arrest him, try him and interview him to get his story. His decision to reveal that governments are spying on their masters, the people, in the name of “security” has been for him life changing. Continue reading