Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide – Latest Measurements

The monthly mean average of atmospheric carbon dioxide measured at Mona Loa for July 2015 was 401.30 parts per million compared with the July 2014 figure of 399.00 ppm.

It seems that the next twelve months measurements will, for the first time, all exceed 400 ppm.

More and More and Andmoreagain

The latest measurement of atmospheric carbon dioxide at Mona Loa in June 2015 was 402.80 parts per million compared with 401.15 ppm in June 2015. The rate of increase of atmospheric carbon dioxide is now more than 2ppm per annum.

It strikes me that we should now not only increase with our rather feeble efforts to limit emissions  but also use our resources to ensure that humanity can adapt to the global warming which now seems inevitable.

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Higher and Higher

The latest measurement of atmospheric carbon dioxide from Mona Loa has been released. In May 2015 levels reached 403.94 parts per million compared with 401.78 parts per million in May 2014.

Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Increases

In April 2015 the US measuring station at Mona Loa in Hawaii measured 403.26 parts of carbon dioxide per million in the atmosphere compared with 401.29 ppm in April 2014. The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration state that world atmospheric carbon dioxide levels exceeded 400 ppm across the whole of the earth. The statement is based upon only 40 measuring sites, so it may be inaccurate, but for the first time all 40 sites reported measurements in excess of 400 ppm. Continue reading

It Will be Our Fault

There are a number of ways of measuring atmospheric carbon dioxide. I have thought the most useful measurements come from Mona Loa in Hawaii, which regularly (recently) has been recording measurements in excess of 400 parts per million but the World Meteorological Organisation measures the average concentration across the world, and although its figures are not 100% accurate they are scientifically robust and reliable. Their measurements show 396 parts per million but what is more significant is that they show that atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide is growing at its fastest rate since 1984, notwithstanding all the treaties, measures, carbon credits, fine words and all the other means humanity has adopted in what has so far proved to be a futile attempt to halt or even limit the increase of atmospheric carbon dioxide. Continue reading

Tropical Storms and Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Winds of 146 miles an hour sometimes happen at sea, but for such strong winds to pass over land is unknown in recorded meteorology. Unfortunately that strength of wind is battering the Philippines as I write these words. Typhoon Haiyan looks like being the strongest ever recorded storm ever to pass over land. Continue reading

396.8 Parts Per Million and Rising

The Mona Loa laboratory in Hawaii has published the monthly mean reading of atmospheric carbon dioxide for February 2013. The figures make uncomfortable reading. In February 2012 the content was 393.54 parts per million. In February 2013 this had risen to 396.80 parts per million. Continue reading